BN Loans Inc


Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing is one of the safest investments you can make. The passive investment is often referred to as mailbox money. BN Loans Inc’s trust deeds are secured by California real estate. BN Loans only offers short term bridge loans to private investors. Secured by CA real estate, protected by equity, short term market exposure and high yields.

BN Loans provides a full service investor platform. We will source lending opportunities for investors and help them with the process through payoff.


Short terms bridge lending offers great returns with relatively short market exposure. Making 8% to 12% on money that would be sitting on the sidelines. It is our duty to provide our investors with the best high yield opportunities on the market. Why invest in the stock market when you can make great returns in your local community!

Consistent Results

We have first class underwriting standards. Property due diligence and valuations are conducted in a professional manner. Everything deal is strictly underwritten before it ever makes it to an investor. We protect your funds the same way we protect ours.

Call for more information about trust deed investing: 949-412-5155