BN Loans Inc

About BN Loans Inc.

It has been Broker/Owner Corey Kohnke’ s dreams to open a Private Real Estate Investment Company. That dream is now here. Meet BN Loans Inc. – a private lender for real estate investors. We offer great customer service that allows our borrowers’ to focus on acquisitions and current projects. Our streamline process leaves the guess work out of lending. BN Loans, Inc also strives to be small, innovative, and tech savvy company. Passing savings and a personal experience to our borrowers. California’s leader in private financing for all investment property types in California.

Where We Lend

Washington State
Washington DC

About Corey Kohnke

Corey Kohnke has developed an excellent reputation in California private mortgage circle. Over the past few years he has been able to execute complicated residential and commercial loans. He has a great feel for what makes for a successful loan, being able to look at the loan through the eyes of the borrower and the lender, continually taking loans from proposal to execution. Corey has already originated hundreds of first trust deeds and has completed a plethora of real estate investment transactions.

Corey began his career in Real Estate as a trustee sale bidder. Corey also helped launch a subscription business call “Auction Steps”   Auction Steps was user friendly trustee sale data. The software was similar to Property Radar. Then after becoming licensed Corey became a Loan Originator. He then ventured on his own to help kick start BN Loans Inc.

Why BN Loans?

Quick decision making: because BN Loans is a small family office we are able to make fast decisive decisions that let our borrowers close with confidence.

Time: We don’t just leverage our borrower’s capital. We also leverage our borrowers time. We value our clients time and provide investor specific customer services which allows you to worry more about closing more deals

Partnership Focused: No matter if you are an agent, broker, loan originator, or private lender we are committed to your success and building relationships that last a lifetime.

Competitive: Our clients best interest is our best interest. With the best services and rates in the industry we provide a far better platform where both investors and borrowers can make fantastic returns.